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Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and alert management reduces your system downtimeTraditional monitoring systems were designed to be unintelligent applications that purely acted as a delivery mechanism between the hardware and the support person, generally overwhelming the technician with thousands of alerts and information to the point they simply start ignoring them. Introducing Proactive Monitoring and Alert Management, the cornerstone of SheeldIT’s initiative.

We have spent many years developing the process and the technology required to gain the full value of system monitoring. SheeldIT seamlessly links the monitoring systems to the IT Service Desk, creating a fully integrated, closed-loop network monitoring and management environment.

Powered by our expert systems, only validated alerts will automatically be captured as incidents, so support staff can manage them as needed, track handling from start-to-finish, close them when the event is resolved, and include the solution in the knowledge base. As a result, companies can more precisely assess the impact those events had on related assets.