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We can identify and mitigate threats posed to our clients

Incident Response

Whether it's a case of advanced malware, external hackers, an inside employee you suspect may be a problem, or just a hunch in the middle of the night, you need a security consulting company that can give you answers quickly. Not merely arrive on site fast, but solve your case fast. You don't need a security consulting company in your enterprise IT network that takes weeks just to figure out what is what before they can even get started. What you need is a security consulting company that arrives on site with a masterful understanding of the most complex enterprise IT networks on earth that can provide you with real answers almost immediately. Not only real answers, but real prevention strategies that actually work to prevent a repeat incident or one like it. When you need real answers and real recommendations fast, you need us - SheeldIT.

SheeldIT personnel are industry experts in rapidly solving complex enterprise cybercrime investigations through a variety of innovative and proprietary techniques. Our expertise ranges from corporate espionage cases to sophisticated enterprise-wide Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) malware to covert communication channel discovery to insider employee theft and sabotage. Nowhere is SheeldIT's expertise more evident than in the area of insider threat investigations. No consulting company in the nation can match SheeldIT's ability to rapidly investigate and solve insider threat cases. Our ability to successfully identify, mitigate and prevent threats posed to our clients' information security and networks by its own personnel, including its most talented IT administrators, is unmatched. When you need real answers fast, you need SheeldIT. Give us a call now. (256) 474-3353