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SheeldIT can audit your current infrastructure and business processes for HIPAA and PCI compliance

Security and Privacy Audits

SheeldIT’s Security and Compliance team typically discover high risk vulnerabilities when performing preliminary network assessments for clients. SheeldIT’s team of security experts can ensure your network stays safe, secure, and compliant with industry security regulations (PCI, HIPAA, etc).

SheeldIT will conduct an in-depth baseline assessment of your current IT infrastructure, make immediate and necessary changes to secure the environment and provide recommendations to further increase the security of the customer infrastructure. We utilize a detailed and meticulous 4 stage project process to investigate and mediate any suspected security violations on a customer network environment. Using internal and external scans, plus extensive data gathering and documentation, Pivot will partner with your business to provide premier network security services while delivering utmost customer care.

SheeldIT’s Security and Compliance role is to assess and oversee all technology-related security and compliance issues across the organization including information security, privacy, disaster recovery, user access and data integrity. This includes providing an objective risk assessments of the company’s compliance with regulatory, organizational and commercial security requirements governing the organization’s information technology systems.

The Security and Compliance team will also direct the development and implementation of all policies, procedures and controls to ensure that the organization’s practices remain observant to all pertinent local, state/province/county and federal laws and industry standards. In this role, the security and compliance team will working directly with non-IT compliance professionals such as legal, audit and corporate compliance to ensure organizational alignment.